Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raising The Bar

Okay, now that I have introduced the world to my new Spa/Kitchen Collection I have to start developing my style in my crocheted blankets, which is what I am locally known for. Like this colorful blanket for example. I bought this lot of yarn off ebay....yes, EBAY. When I got the yarn I really didn't like the green yarn but I decided to incorporate it anyway. As I worked on the blanket my brain exploded with all these ideas on designs. This is the final product. When I presented the blanket to my husband's grandmother, it was at a family gathering. Everyone just kept looking at it and were like, "Maryum, YOU made THAT??" It was kind of funny, but I'm glad that I gave it to her when I did because it gave me a chance to let them see my work. All that I can say is....I'm glad I did! :-)


5erg said...

It is good you are able to surprise people, right? :)
Lovely blanket

YarnCoture said...

Just when they have you figured out, surprise them with something nice! It keeps them guessing, lol!


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