Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Session...UGH!

Well if you have visited my shop on Etsy, you will have noticed a couple of cute models that I used to display my hats. The day I picked to photograph them had beautiful weather, but the backyard was flooded with man-eating mosquitoes that only seemed to have ME on the menu, lol. My youngest son, "Binky" (not his real name) was pretty easy to photograph and hardly noticed me snapping away....sooo unusual for him because he's usually a ham in front of the camera. One of my other sons, (I have 3 total) showed his true ham-form! "Scooter" (not his real name) gave me wonderful pictures, and at times smiled a bit too much. One of the pictures he had a "money shot" that I just couldn't pass up...then, in many of the pictures the boys couldn't stay still or there was too much sun, or they were not looking at the camera when I wanted them to. After it was all over, I had some pretty good pictures and the man-eating mosquitoes had their feast!

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