Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Customer From H.E.L.L

It's every business owner's worst nightmare...that super-picky, always wanting something xtra, fifty-thousand questions asking, pain-in-the-neck person that we all encounter. Most of our first gut reactions are, "oh Lord, here we go.." But in its true sense, it's your chance to push the envelope and show yourself what you are made of. I have encountered these types of customers in the past. I admit that I was a little annoyed at first, but if they weren't there to "check" me on a couple of things, I may have let them go unnoticed and may have had some problems later on. Sure, you might experience someone who is being a pain in the patootie for no reason, and there are plenty of folks out there that looooove to take advantage of the "customer is always right" philosophy....but we're not talking about them. The main focus here is to try to make sure that you have done whatever is necessary to *prevent* customer from hell experiences. Double check your inventory and/or services that you provide and perfect them to the best of your ability. And yes, YES I am GUILTY of having been this type of customer as well! I have been very demanding at times when making purchases at certain places and I am as *super picky* as they come...but I have only done this when I felt ignored or cheated. I definitely wouldn't want to experience that again but if I do, I will definitely put on my "customer from HELL" badge and demand what I feel is fair for all parties involved. Are you ready to step out of YOUR comfort zone and do the same???


demandablog said...

This is a great way to look at these kinds of customers.

YarnCoture said...


Carmennc said...

You are so nice. I know I'd have to be more patient and leaning if I was making items that take a lot of time to make like yours. Custom items have to be perfect and I don't offer these. With me, I offer a full refund on the return of the item.


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