Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The MoNkEy WrenCH (poetry from the soul...)

I want to hip you all up to this thing called the monkey wrench;
No one knows what it looks like or when it will hit but
when it hits you just get sick.
Your stomach is churning and turning and your soul is yearning for relief.
The gears in your mind are crashing and clacking while the monkey wrench continues to jam them...
You say to yourself "how could this be?? how could this happen to me??..ME!!!"

But you see, the monkey wrench has a plan to win;
to defeat you...it will treat you like a fool: you know, the fool that everyone thinks that you are...
By far, you are no fool and also have a plan.
Never fall in the same hole twice...it has been said!
If you let the monkey wrench's power overtake you, you'll be dead..
Your heart will cry in grief and your soul will scream for mercy over the monkey wrench's controversy and your mind will be spent.
What?? My plan, you ask? It is quite simple you see..

Patience is the key, you see..
In order for the monkey wrench's plan to work it must enrage you,
enough to make you act like a lion that's been locked up in a cage with no meat.
You see, you must stay calm...cool as a cucumber....don't let 'em see you sweat.
Always have a back-up plan, a frozen dinner waiting in the freezer, an extra change of clothes or whatever! Just prepare yourself for the monkey wrench's arrival...it's not fear, it's just survival!
Don't act like the lion in the cage; when let loose it devours everything in sight.
Believe me when I tell you, I understand your plight.
FIGHT with intelligence..FIGHT with strong character...FIGHT with dignity...
Only the posessor of these qualities will defeat the monkey wrench, you see...
Victory is yours and YES you have defeated it and only the foolish will flee and succumb to the monkey wrench's power. But it will be back! It will continue to test Man until the HOUR...

...until the next time...

©Copyright Yarncoture Maryum 2009 All Rights Reserved


H20works said...

Yarn, that poem is awesome!!! I've recently taken to saying that I have a little doubt monkey that sits up on my shoulder, most days he goes ignored, but on occassion he really squawks it up and I have to work harder to shut him up.

In a way, your monkey wrench is similar to my doubt monkey!


YarnCoture said...

Thank you!!


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