Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Meaningful Gifts...Sieze A Shop !!!!!!

That's the title of a thread in the Etsy forums of a wonderful BNR that I am a part of! Being a part of MMG has meant a lot to me. When I joined the list a few months ago I had no idea that I would receive all the love and support that I have gotten from all the members! It is definitely very special and a one-of-a-kind thread! When I won the Sieze A Shop on 3/25 I had no idea that I won until I checked my email the next morning and saw that I had multiple "notification of payment' emails! I was sooo excited ( and after a dry spell in sales, it's a real pick me up!) The Sieze A Shop is a wonderful way to get your product out there for others to see it and experience it for themselves. Each week, a thread member's shop is randomly chosen to "sieze"...all the members on the thread try and make a purchase from your shop. It helps sellers build up their confidence as a business owner in saying, "yes, I can actually sell my stuff!, lol!" But it's not just about selling your product...these folks offer so much support and helpful information to help you grow as a seller and as an individual. I feel so blessed to be a part of it! Everyone is sooo friendly, warm, and welcoming!! Check it out and see what we're all about!
Oh, and tell 'em ~Yarn~ sent ya!

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