Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fabulous Saturday!

Have you ever had a day that when so many incredible things happen to you, it's overwhelming? Well yesterday I got an email from Kitty Grrlz Handspun Yarns saying that I was their giveaway winner! I won a free skein of yarn of my choosing! I have always admired Kitty Grrlz yarns but I can be quite the penny pincher so I have never had the opportunity to purchase her yarns. I'll post pictures just as soon as it arrives!

On to thriller #2!!!

I got an Etsy Conversation from Gillstrap Designs that I'm on the FRONT PAGE of Etsy!!
I frantically clicked the link to see if it was still there and VOILA!! This was my very first time seeing one of my items on the front page of Etsy!!! It was a thrill that I'll never forget....

I'm speechless!!


I have just completed my 101st post on this blog! I HAVE to celebrate! Maybe a super cool giveaway, huh? Hmmm...STAY TUNED!!!!!


Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

Great news times three!!! Love the new layout too.

YarnCoture said...

Thanks Bianca!


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