Monday, August 24, 2009

I Made My FIRST Pair Of Earrings!!!

I am so pleased at how these turned out!! I purchased some earring findings from one of my favorite sellers on Etsy CharmingWren originally to use the beads for some of my yarn creations. When I got the beads in the mail, I was like..."hmmm..I just might have to make some earrings for myself!" Well, here they are! They measure about 2 inches long with the earwires and all the beads are copper.
I went on youtube to find out how to wrap the wires and found a cool video that was quick and to the point. Now I am really excited because I can now make the earrings and pendants that I always wanted but could never find. I am wearing these babies TODAY!


Lanee' said...

I like that you wrapped the wire at the top! Hey, send me a pair of these! (call it practice ;)

gilstrapdesigns said...

What a beautiful pair of earrings that will look good with any outfit and of course with any of your many beautiful crochet or knitted pieces. That's why I started creating jewelry so that I could design things that I like and wanted to wear. They are beautiful.

Debra said...

Incredibly creative of you, Mariam! And of course, nice to meet you, especially during this blessed month. Ramadan mubarak!

Some sisters make those hijab pins too, from scratch, put on some cool rhinestones on there, all shapes and forms. Don't have to buy them for the price of an arm and a leg no more. Ever try that?

Best salams,

YarnCoture said...

Thanks everyone... :-D


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