Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where Has Yarnie Been???

I know EVERYONE has been wondering...WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? To sum it all up....LIFE HAPPENS!! :-) I learned some good things along the way and found out some pretty disturbing things as well....heck, the whole darn thing would surely be the makings of a pretty good novel...hmmm...maybe in the future.


I've been really busy learning how to make socks using both the toe up and cuff down methoods and I have to say that I really don't know why I was so afraid to knit them before! Hand knit socks are so comfortable and are a wonderful treat for your feet...I think that they are what I will be wearing this winter. Oh, and yes....I'll be posting some pics so stay tuned!

Through all the crazy stuff that went on in the past couple of months in my life I have managed to knit up some wonderful new items that are available for sale in my shop.

This Chunky OVERSIZED Cable knit scarf will definitely keep you warm and toasty!

If you want to stand out...check out this colorful Fall Harvest Neck Warmer/Ear Warmer and Scarf Set!

These Credit Card Holders/Coin Purse sets make great inexpensive gifts!

So many more new goodies in my shop!

See ya soon!



Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

We've missed you!! That green scarf is GORGEOUS! I've never tried wearing hand knit socks, but I would love to. And now I know where to go for them! I hope you're well and am glad you're back!


YarnCoture said...

It's great to be missed Bianca! I really enjoyed making that green scarf...hopefully many more to come. The hand knit socks will hopefully be in my shop in the next few months. It looks like you're doing great as well!


theminimalista said...

ASA -- what a great site! I'll be back to view the couture. I'm not a knitting diva, but I am determined to learn how to crotchet. ~ Ayesha (theminimalista)


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