Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some Socks For ME!!

When I began learning how to knit, I had this horrendous fear of knitting socks. Here's a well known fact about knitters in general: some can knit socks, and some cannot. It's a pretty accurate generalization and for a while I was quickly falling in the category of the folks that don't knit socks. But there were all those pretty sock patterns that I had come across over the years and the sock yarns were so beautiful...too beautiful to pass up SO... I learned to knit in the round but there were several things about sock knitting that just didn't cut it for me. For instance, the size of the needles...they were really small....I mean really small and when looking at them I thought to myself, "dang, that's going to take FOREVER to knit up something!" Then there was the fingering/sock also was very small...but oh so pretty! Sock yarns can be quite beautiful...I mean REALLY gorgeous....definitely just looking at some really pretty sock yarns with vibrant colors will lure you in to at least try to knit some socks, right? It seemed to be that the biggest fear of knitting socks for a lot of people is making the heel flap, turning the heel and then forming the gussets. I began learning to knit socks last winter and started out with a pattern that I found on for bulky weight socks. I then looked on my favorite place for visual assistance...YOUTUBE! Btw, if you are a visual learner like me then definitely search youtube for learning all sorts of really helps. Along the way I learned different techniques for making my socks look and feel like real socks. For instance, after picking up your stitches and forming the gussets, try picking up and extra stitch and then knitting that stitch together with the stitch on the needle that holds the instep stitches. That one little step closes the annoying holes that seem to appear at the base of the gusset (triangle part at the heel), and gives the sock a more finished look. I learned how to make socks from the toe up, and from the cuff down...grafting the toe for a seamless finish and a few other goodies...


Here's the socks I made! :)

Annnnnd here's a pair I'm working on...hopefully I'll finish these within the next day or so..

If you're a knitter and haven't experienced the "joy" of sock knitting, definitely give it a try. I have to say that since learning how to make my own socks I've become very spoiled and prefer hand knit socks over store bought ones. They feel wonderful on your feet and if you use wool yarn, will keep your feet warm and toasty without overheating your feet. So go and grab your needles and give it a'll be glad you did!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

LOL!! I cannot knit a thing - nice job!

paintingpam said...

OK, and that's why I don't knit. It's too confusing. Yours on the other hand, look beautiful! Congrats!

YarnCoture said...

Thanks Niki!
Pam, I'm so glad that you like them...thank you!

AJ said...

Those are beautiful! I know I need to give sock knitting a try...I just keep putting it off in lieu of other projects. Soon, though!

Thanks for the inspiration :)

YarnCoture said...

AJ,they weren't as hard as I should definitely give it a try!


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