Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's 7:18 a.m. this Tuesday morning and my mind is experiencing a lot of random thoughts. Thoughts of excitement, wondering....sometimes these thoughts can get so "loud" that just one moment of peace becomes more precious than every jewel on earth, yet this one moment of peace seems to only be a distant wish that may never come true.

Thoughts of excitement can often be overwhelming. Imagine a person who has had nothing but hardships in their life. Homelessness, divorce, deaths of loved ones, financial bankruptcy, mental abuse, illness, marriage problems, victimization of every kind and such. Imagine this same person finally getting a break...let's say that they received a check in the mail for one million dollars (AND NO, IT'S NOT ME HA HA!!) which seems to be the solution to all their problems. Imagine the feeling of finally being liberated from the chains of mishap...the person will be totally overwhelmed...but can it be another burden? When a person has experienced such hardships and turmoil in their life, a break like that can either help the person or can bring so many new problems that the person will be left scratching their head...often penniless(again) and disenchanted. Enemies quickly become friends and some friends will discover that they too have that green monster living inside them that will cause them to disassociate themselves with you completely. Hmmmm...maybe I don't want a million dollars after all...now, 10 MILLION...well... ;)

We all experience this randomness...sometimes it's a waste of thought...other times it can bring some valuable insight about ourselves, people who we have voluntarily or involuntarily pulled into our lives, and about how they see us... When you look in the mirror, do you see the same person that they see? Definitely a question that everyone should ask themselves..

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