Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obsessed With Vintage!

As I was skipping around Etsy recently I discovered something AMAZING...I love almost everything VINTAGE! These cool Robin's egg blue cups and saucers make a wonderful and practical addition to your home decor...and best of all they're made of plastic so they're just perfect for familiarizing children with tea drinking etiquette in "grown-up" cups.
Years back in high school fashion was something that every girl took seriously...from the headband you wore in your head to your signature handbag...(mine was Coach and Gucci...authentic of course! ;-D)
I also remember having a COOL jacket like this...mine was a clay-taupe brown color...
Eileen West was one of my favorite designers...this look reminds me so much of myself!
It's considered chic to hunt down antique handles and drawer pulls to re-furbish those must have vintage kitchen cabinets:
And lastly, this vintage lamp will add a touch of class to any decor as well as a great source of light for your special reading nook:
These vintage goodies are just a hint of what's waiting out there for you at your neighborhood re-sale shop, estate sale or flea market. You never know how a blast from the past can inspire you! Till next time, Yarncoture :)

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Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

No intervention needed here, your obsession is perfectly normal!!


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