Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Time!!

Within the next two weeks my family will be taking a train trip up north for a month long vacation....yay! We will be spending the month of Ramadan with our family, which is a very special and important month in Islam. It will definitely be special for the children because it will be their first year to spend it with my family, to get away from the excrutiating Texas heat, and for my husband to work on his up and coming art collection which will be making its debut soon! ( Of course, there will be lots of pics!) He won't let me post any of his work until he gets all the copywright stuff worked, I'm telling you it's AWESOME!!! While we are gone there will be paint and canvas everywhere, and the entire month will give me a chance to work on my slipper collection. Once I return, I can devote most of my time to afghans and custom orders. It's sad.....during the entire vacation I will be working. My children will be having a blast ( or so they think....they will be doing homeschool activities as well....bwaaa hahaha!) The best part of wonderful parents will have an entire month to see their grandbabies!

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