Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Creativity BUG!!!!

After catching my breath from my recent craft fair, and coming home to a yarn closet that's literally BURSTING at the seams, I decided to try and put some of my crafting skills to the test and use the yarn that I had without purchasing more yarn. Lariats are a great way to use up yarns that might be too warm for spring and summer wear. They also allow you to get those creative juices bubbling as you can use practically ANY type of yarn or fabrics that you may have lying around.

After racking her brain as to what to make, my 10 year old daughter made this lovely but simple pink and white lariat from a couple of different acrylic yarns that I had stashed.

I designed this cute lariat from four different yarns!
It was quite fun as we both sat and crocheted these lariats....the creativity bug has definitely bitten us both!

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Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

Hi Maryum! I realize this post was all the way back in May, but it popped up at the bottom of the page and these scarves are just too gorgeous not to comment on! Love them!

Happy New Year!


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