Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Spotlight!!

Check it OOOOOOUUUUT!!! Yarncoture was recently featured in and Etsy Treasury!! My Hot Pink Anemone Scarf was featured in an Etsy Twitter Team Treasury created by I'm With Sully!(who has beautiful jewelry,btw!) It's always a thrill for me to be featured in an Etsy Treasury because it's a great opportunity to bring more viewers into your shop. Treasuries are basically favorite items that can be arranged by color theme or subject matter. Etsy members create these treasuries to show off their teams, their favorites or popular holiday items for example. Treasuries are very hard to get because when the number of treasuries drops below 333, the treasury spots open up and are snatched up in the blinking of an eye, so if you want one you have to be quick. I KNOW THE SECRET to snatching up a treasury.....and I'm NOT TELLING!! Well....I might...


Tourmaline2777 said...

That's so cool! Congrats!

GloriasJewelryBox said...

Congrats on being featured!


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