Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can U Believe It???

I'm in ANOTHER Treasury!! I just listed these cute pink crocheted booties last night and lo and behold! They're featured in This treasury!! H20 Works featured my booties in her famous BNR treasury! What is a BNR, you ask? Well, it's a list of items from different shops. If you have an etsy shop and you want your item to be featured, just buy from one of the shops listed and your shop will replace that particular shop. It's that simple, and a great way to get others to notice your shop and what you have to offer!


H20works said...

Another promo for the BNR treasury...woohoo!!! I love your all creations yarn, but these booties are just SO adorable! Someone come buy them off the treasury!


Gloria said...

Love the booties...nice job...!

YarnCoture said...

Thanks ladies!


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