Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Finally A KNITTER !!!

Okay so I have been knitting for like 3+ years now and when I began learning, I would never consider myself as a "knitter". In my mind, a knitter was someone who could knit cables, lace, haute couture designs that you would see in Vogue Magazine, etc. To me, knitting took WAAAY TOO LONG but the beautiful results were well worth it. The first thing that I knitted was a purse for my daughter....basically 2 rectangles that were knitted in stockinette with a few garter rows in between. She loved it and still uses it today.. I began to knit lots of things and slippers were my number one choice to knit. It still seemed to take a long time to knit though, as being a self-taught knitter I first taught myself using the 'throwing' method. I thought to myself, "there has got to be a better way" and I then discovered the continental knitting method. It literally cut my knitting time in half! Since then I have overcome my fears of knitting in the round, cabling and textured knitting. I'm slowly entering the designing phase and am realizing that I can actually be a knitter...heck I AM A KNITTER!! :)

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Dear yARN,
Happy Holidays To You!
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