Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A Long..LONG..Race..

It's funny...the words of the Bruce Hornsby And The Range song are echoing in my mind "It's a long...long..race; If I tried, I will surely finish (or win it..I forget the words lol..) I remember the rest of the words mainly flows into a love song, but the main chorus of the long race always sticks and is a reminder to me on how to deal with the difficulties and hardships that this big test called life will bring. Each situation is tailored to each individual and is extraordinarily a manifestation of the Creator's Awesomeness. I decided to start reading How Allah Provides by Muhammad M. al-Sha'rawi and was so comforted and at the same time amazed at how every living creature's provisions and needs are met.

I used to fret every time I put hours of work into my Etsy Shop and still have a sparse amount of views and sales. It is soooo easy to forget that without God's permission/help NOTHING can happen. Some people say, "well what about people who don't believe in God?" The book addresses that issue very clearly and profoundly ( if you wanna know then purchase a copy for yourself :-D ) I was dumbfounded as I slowly began to receive inquiries and sales from people all over the world about my designs and how they can purchase them. I knew that only Allah (God) could be sending these customers to me, thus my provision was arriving right on time from all over the world. It is truly amazing to see this happen and I am so grateful to Him for blessing me with this extraordinary talent!

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