Wednesday, December 2, 2009


That's how I feel right now... This Saturday and Sunday Dec. 5th and 6th I will be participating in the NHG Holiday Show where I will be selling my knitted and crocheted items. I've been knitting like crazy to prepare for it, and as always it seems as if there will never be enough time to knit and crochet everything that I would like to! My two daughters will be attending the show to help keep me company as well as assist in sales. During the last month I had a wonderful custom request by my dear thread mate Dorana from the MMG BNR thread. She was in need of a wrap to wear at her upcoming wedding that would take place outdoors. I was able to create this very special wrap for her. This beautiful wrap was crocheted with a luxurious alpaca, silk and wool yarn that is extremely warm yet elegantly delicate. I then received another request from a returning customer for another Vintage Inspired Ascot Necktie in a beautiful cherry red silk-alpaca-wool I also had a couple of requests for a uniquely knitted and felted hat designed by Terri Barr in which the top is left open to let dreadlocks or braids spill out and hang down.

These hats were felted by me BY HAND! No washing machine was used because the hat felts up rather quickly and doing it by hand allows me to control the shrinkage for a perfect fit. I definitely will be adding more of these to my shop after the NHG show!

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nikid said...

((HUGS)) You will do great!


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