Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Wedding Shawl....

Back in December I got a message all the way from the Netherlands from this wonderfully delightful woman who wanted me to make her a pink shawl for her wedding. After we got all the particulars in place, I ordered the yarn and as soon as it arrived I began to work on the shawl. We decided on using super soft baby alpaca yarn by Cascade and I have to tell you, this yarn is so INCREDIBLY soft...truly amazing! I finished making the shawl in a few days and packaged everything with ribbons tissue and then carefully sealed it for shipping. I thought to myself, "I really hope this makes it there safely!" WELL....I got a message from the buyer A MONTH LATER...NO PACKAGE!! My heart sank.. After diligently harassing the post office about the whereabouts of the package, I went ahead and ordered more yarn and proceeded to make another shawl for my customer. I kept checking with the buyer to see if the shawl had arrived. After I had completed the second shawl I proceeded to ship by FedEX but heck, they wanted $84!! I informed the buyer that I would look into shipping by another method the following Monday. On Monday, I got a very uplifting message from the buyer...the postman tried to deliver a package to her but due to the fact that she wasn't home they would try again the next day. I was on pins and needles and excited to know that the package I mailed would finally get to my customer! I was pleased to find out the next day that YES!! SHE GOT IT!! Here's what she had to say in the feedback she left:
Maryum really is the best! It took way too long for my package to arrive (I live in the Netherlands). When I contacted Maryum she started calling the post office right away. When she heard nothing she ordered the yarn and made a new shawl for me without a doubt! Thankfully the package arrived but her effort to help me was wonderful. And the shawl is the prettiest ever. Thanks!

After everything was over, I was delighted to have met such a wonderful customer..and simply grateful to have had the experience. These types of things CAN happen, but I am glad to know that the outcome was good and not disastrous!

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