Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's funny how we make plans...we have everything planned out so perfectly and then here comes "Mr. Monkey Wrench" to spoil everything... Well nevertheless, I have decided to kick Mr. Monkey Wrench in the butt and come up with a new set of plans! In my last blog post I announced that my Etsy Shop would be closed for a month due to my upcoming vacation. I have decided to keep my shop open and just make the items while on vacation. I know that it sounds crazy but I would hate for anyone to wait an entire month to receive something from my shop. Working on Vacation...hmmm...I hope this doesn't start a nationwide trend!


Tourmaline2777 said...

This shows real dedication and I admire that.

gilstrapdesigns said...

Hey girl if you're like me I just have to keep my hands and mind somewhere in my shop. It has become so much apart of our lives it's hard for people like us to just relax and not think about our business. You have fun and enjoy your family and keep checking on your shop.

The Spiral Eyes said...

i just want to say this that I Miss you .
May ALLAH bless you and help you all the time.Amin


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