Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Indie Artist Spotlight of The Month!

In an effort to help promote and support the ever-growing independent artist community I have decided to feature one Indie Artist per month! Indie Artists are being born every day due to the growing unfair practices of the over-bearing corporate world and due to the emerging needs of the individual to express themselves as individuals while making an honest living at doing what they love. This month's spotlight is on Quwwa Artworks a enormous and very insightful project started by Quwwa Davis. When you look at his artwork a level of extreme consciousness alerts the human soul as it gives the individual a good dose of reality that is expressed in his "Lifestyles Of The Ignored" series. Each piece presents a view of many people who go about their daily routines but are ignored by society as a whole. Homeless people, call center workers, struggling single parents...their experiences are captured in the incredible pastel drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces produced by this artist. Quwwa uses his artwork to be the unheard voice of the ignored population of society as a whole. Currently Quwwa Artworks is conducting a fund raising event to help support the Lifestyles of the Ignored Project. For more information on how to donate please visit Quwwa Artwork's Page At Indie GoGo You can also purchase some of his wonderful art at
or visit his page at Daughter Nature.Com to snag some fantastic deals on some of his original pieces!

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