Monday, April 11, 2011

Introducing...~*~The Southern Belle~*~

A thousand thanks to Thomas Kvist Yarns for providing the yarn for this wonderful piece! I started with a basic eyelet knit design for the body and then added a pretty crocheted floral lace collar. Feeling that the piece was "missing" something, I fashioned together a pretty wildflower brooch accented with a touch of greenery. I don't "name" my pieces until I have finished with's kind of interesting...when I pick up a ball of yarn, I don't know what it will become. The textures of the different yarns give me subtle hints as to what it wants to be. In this case, I loved the linen/rustic feel of this yarn. It screamed to be something southern and rustic, yet feminine. I appropriately named it Southern Belle because I can see a beautiful young lady wearing a southern flared/ruffled denim skirt or jeans and a cowboy hat attending a summer barbeque or a fall harvest festival wearing this capelet. The weight and texture of the yarn is perfect for protecting against a cool breeze while providing a light warmth. I really like this capelet and am really excited about what I want to do with the next piece that I make!


Tourmaline2777 said...

Really lovely!

YarnCoture said...

Thank you Tourmaline!!!! :)

bekkibjarnoll said...

Lovely! :)

YarnCoture said...

Thank you so much Bekkibjarnoll! :)


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