Saturday, June 18, 2011

My New Project Bag!

Hello my lovelies! I've got a secret...I've been dabbling with embroidery a bit lately and well...I've been having a ball! Feeling pretty confident about my slowly developing skills I decided to embroider a simple vine with some flowers on a cut out portion of a leg section from a pair of old jeans. I really liked how the embroidery came out and since the shape of the denim was already in a tube I decided to add a bottom, a lining and make a bag out of it!

I kept on adding little touches to the bag here and there...

Embroidered vines and a crocheted lotus flower

Cotton striped lining inside the bag as well as inside the pockets!


Here's the bag!

Oh, and I made myself a couple of "extras" to go along with....a knitting accessories roll and a matching coin purse!

And there you have very own coordinating project bag! Hmmm....I just might have to make more of these and sell them....what do you think?

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