Monday, October 24, 2011

It's HIS Loss....My Unfortunate Dealings With Thomas Kvist

As some of you may know over the last several months I have been creating some new designs for yarn retailer Thomas Kvist Yarns, aka TK Yarns. I put production of my own designs on hold to create some wonderful new pieces especially for him. Shortly after completing the work I had to have major surgery to which I am happy to say that I have fully recovered. Thomas Kvist was very pleased with my work but for some strange reason would not come up with the funds that we had agreed upon as compenstion for the designs. I sent him several emails but received vague responses from him. Mr. Kvist has posted pictures of the designs on his website and refuses to respond to my emails as to why he has not paid me. Some people have said to me that it's a learning experience...and that I should be careful next time. Personally I think that this whole knit designing thing is a huge labyrinth of ups and downs with scheisty individuals to block your heading. As I told Mr. Kvist in one email "I aim to be taken very seriously as a knit designer" color, race or religion should NOT have anything to do with the pieces that I produce/create/design.
Here are a couple of the designs that I made for Thomas Kvist that I am PROUD to say, are available for sale in my store :) The Granny Square Knit Poncho The Southern Belle The Ascot Capelet For Mr. Thomas's your loss...if handled appropriately our relationship could have been very advantageous for the both of us. Defrauding individuals is something that is not a part of my character...and I pray to God that it never will be. For all those out there who have been cheated by those who think they are "getting over" on you..I say STAND UP for yourselves! As long as they think that they have the upper hand then these types of things will continue to happen. I'm still walking through this amazing labyrinth hopefully a lot smarter and aware of the obstacles that can somewhat leave me running around in circles.

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Rachel said...

Blah, this is happening too often for my taste! Just an FYI -- steer clear of Kerrie Allman and any magazine she is involved in. (I posted about my experience with her, and someone pointed me to your blog.)


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