Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring FEVER

Spring has got me in a frenzy lately.  I'm trying to design new goodies as well as keep my wonderful clients happy.  It's something really special when a client lets you know how much they appreciate your work and how they cannot wait to acquire another piece from you.  It really makes me smile and feel so grateful to God that I have been blessed to be able to know how to knit and crochet....but I digress.  Springtime means FLOWERS!!  I absolutely love flowers and am ecstatic that I can now knit and crochet them!  Flowers always bring a touch of elegance and class to art, to apparel. to home decor....they just always seem to lift the spirits.  I've been dabbling with the idea of crochet and knit flowers in earrings and have come up with a few examples....
These are just the beginning... I'm thinking about expanding my current collection with more brooches, necklaces...bracelets, accent pins...the whole nine!  Yep, I've caught spring about you?

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