Saturday, May 28, 2016

Popping In...

     Hello my loves!  It's been a long time hasn't  it?  I know, I know....these once a year candid appearances are getting ridiculous and believe it or not, even I am tired of it!  In the past year I have broken my ankle, (long story), been featured in the local newspaper, taught classes at my local library all while keeping up with the growing demand for my custom work and trying to keep my Etsy Shop afloat.

     Will I continue to live like this or make a commitment to blog regularly?  Only time will tell..but I will say that I enjoy sharing with you my triumphs, my not so happy times, my concerns..  This is an interesting time for me and I hope that all of you will stick around to see what the future brings because I'm just as curious as you!

Until next time....

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