Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time For FLOWERS! (Part 2)

Hello my dear friends! It's 11:59 p.m. and I can't sleep so I thought I'd finish my blog on what types of flowers that I've come up with in my quest to find beautiful knit and crochet flowers! I ended up a few really nice patterns that I had purchased in the past as well as some new designs of my own. First up: The Bella's Garden Floral Art Scarf which was inspired by my wonderful fellow Etsian and dear friend Bella of BellaCosaArt.Etsy.Com She requested that I make a scarf for her full of interesting flowers that could be detachable if she so desired to wear them alone. I went to work and created this very special art scarf that bears her name: Bella's Enchanted Garden! The scarf is very versatile and can be made with a wide array of flower choices, enabling the customer personalize the scarf to suit their tastes.

Next up it the most recent version of the Bella's Garden Scarf: Bella's Little Garden in which only one brooch is used...very simple in design and easy to wear!

Lastly and in addition to some of my own designs that I have used in the Bella scarf series, I have developed my own pattern for a daisy knit flower YAY!! I really like it and it is quite simple in design but the finished look is very nice! Here it is on one of my latest creations , which is a knit neckband/headband called The Daisy! I've got so many more ideas bursting inside me...keep watching because I'm as much on pins and needles to see what I make next as much as you are! :-D


johnniebelinda said...

yarn you have crerated a beautiful line of work, and yes bella is a very inspiring person.

YarnCoture said...

Thank you Johnnie and yes Bella is a very talented and inspiring person!

Mattos said...

thanks for the nice comments
I love the bella flower collection. I have to say Yarncortures, work is simply beautiful. I had so much fun designing this scarf with her and I love wearing it.

OneClickGallery said...

Lovely flowers!


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