Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please Show Your Support

There is a war going on...a war against Hijab around the world. The islamic Hijab is a covering ordained by God in the Quran and designed to protect the believing woman from harassment and molestation. It is seen as a symbol of opression by many westerners but on the contrary, it is far from oppressing the liberates her! Society dictates that women must appear beautiful in public...her worth is determined by how she looks, if she is fat, skinny..etc. However through Islamic teachings, a woman is regarded as a jewel. For instance, when you go to a very expensive jewelery store i.e., Cartier, Harry-Winston, etc..they have jewelry that sits atop of the can be touched and viewed up close and obviously isn't worth a lot because you can grasp it. They then have jewelry that is behind the counter that you can cannot touch but you can still order to see it you have to ask for assistance. Finally, they have the most precious and exquisite jewelry that is kept in a safe. Only those who are worthy are allowed to see it! In Islam, Muslim women are valued for their minds and what is in their hearts and her beauty both inside and out is viewed as precious...only to be seen by those who deserve it! So the next time you see a Muslim woman..don't feel sorry for her but instead, applaud her for she has the courage to protect herself and stand up against the frowns of disapproving folk.

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