Monday, May 17, 2010

New Look For The Bloggy!

Crisp and fresh...that's the look I was going for and this time I think it fits! I was told that the previous layout that I had for my blog was better but to tell you the truth, the black background was causing problems with my vision as I would look away and still see lines of letters imprinted in my eyes. I wondered if any of my readers were experiencing the same thing, so I opted to change things around a bit and make things a little more crisp. I hope that you all like the new layout, as I am hoping that it will make the photographs 'pop' and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside! :-D


nikid said...

Nice! I like it!

Kara Lennox said...

Really nice, yarn!

My only thought is, I would love to see one of your shrugs at the top. But you do so many nice things, I guess it's hard to pick. And maybe summer isn't the time to push shrugs.

But they're just so awesome.


H20works said...

I love your new look!!! Great job! :)


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