Sunday, March 20, 2011

My BIG Surprise! :-D Thomas Kvist Yarns!!

BEFORE YOU READ THIS ARTICLE PLEASE READ THE UNFORTUNATE UPDATE TO THIS EVENT and PLEASE TAKE NOTE...and be AWARE of people like this!!! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING HIGHLIGHTED ARTICLE FIRST! UPDATE TO THE THOMAS KVIST FIASCO I've been keeping a secret...and I'm about to BURST!! A few months ago I received an email from a very nice man named Thomas Kvist. He explained that he saw my designs on my Facebook Fan Page , was very impressed with my designs and wanted me to make something with his yarns. He went on to say that he wanted to send me some samples of his yarns to "play around with" and come up with something unique. All I would have to do was make something from each of the samples and photograph the results. OK LET'S STOP HERE Now, if you're a knitter...a yarn oogler/lover like me, that's like saying to a person, "hey, I've got these fabulous diamond earrings, rings and necklaces for you to try out and I would like for you to wear them and come up with some great outfits with them and tell me what you think!" OF COURSE I WOULD!!! I tell you, when I received this email from Thomas my heart was beating so wildly...that a yarn manufacturer/broker thought my designs were beautiful and worthy enough to say that they were made with his yarns...truly a blessing. SO for weeks I waited with anticipation as the yarns were coming from Sweden. When the mailman was standing at the door holding a large box, I knew that Thomas didn't just send me a few skeins...20 total...enough of each color to do something really nice! I thought to myself...hmmm...this is my chance to really make some couture pieces! Each yarn has different fiber contents such such as cashmere, cotton, alpaca, and silk...truly a scrumptious assortment! They also have different textures..rustic, silky, soft, and a couple have a sort of urban 'feel'. It was really difficult to decide which one to start with, as they all are so yummy! I have decided to start with the Delicious Tweed yarn, which is the blue yarn in the bunch.
Fiber content includes lambswool, angora, cashmere, and a small amount of poliamide. I will be keeping you all abreast as to how my projects are coming along with lots of pictures. I am just thrilled about all this and would like to thank Mr. Thomas Kvist from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and giving me this wonderful opportunity! Be sure to check out Thomas Kvist Yarns to view his complete collection and information on where you can purchase his wonderful yarns.

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