Monday, March 5, 2012

Looking For Spring!

Spring is rapidly approaching and for me, well that means a lot of things: barbeque, new designs, sewing,'s like a new flower waiting to bloom! I've been annoyingly pushing back the date for the release of a new collection that I've been wanting to share. Hopefully I'll get a boost from somewhere or a bite from the creativity bug that will give me the ability to continue. Right now I'm so much in love with's even difficult to pick up a crochet hook these days!

I recently introduced a new shawl called Sarah's Comfort Shawl which is named after my mother Sarah. I had just finished watching Roots: The Next Generations by Alex Haley and I couldn't keep from noticing all the beautiful shawls that were used in the costumes...some were simple and used for daily wear while others were more elegant and used for special events. Using a simple pattern I knitted the body of the shawl and then after a couple of failed attempts I successfully added a beautiful knit border that has a slight ruffle effect. The entire design is a bit of both worlds: simple enough for daily wear and elegant enough to accompany you to the opera. After successfully completing this shawl I thought about making more of the same design but with less expensive fibers such as cotton and acrylic to enable
admirers to own one by offering different price points.

Hopefully I'll catch that creativity bug...hmmm....maybe it's you think I'll need a net? Hee...hee...

Till next time,

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