Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Expectations For Spring

Spring is finally here and so far for me that has meant many things...watching my daughters plant flowers and veggies in the backyard, the grueling task of switching out everyone's winter clothing to spring/summer clothing...and well...designing new goodies for spring and summer! While skipping around Facebook a few days ago I came across the mentioning of a new floral knitting book by Nora Bellows entitled Noni Flowers which is rivaled to be an exquisite collection of 40 knit and felt flower patterns that incredibly life-like. I went to to preview the book and I have to tell you...I was in awe!! I learned that the book was due to be released this month but had also learned that there were some individuals who were able to snag a copy earlier. I searched around and am glad to say that I was fortunate to be able to order the book!
If you pre-order the book directly from Nora, you will receive a signed copy of the book PLUS a bonus hibiscus knit pattern.
The difficult part now is the wait...ugh. I do however have a few projects to keep me busy in the meantime. When the book arrives I can't wait to share with you all what I think about it and what I've created with Nora's designs! Till next time, "Yarnie" :)

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