Monday, April 30, 2012


Spring cleaning can be sad for me...especially after going through my children's old clothing and deciding what to give away or donate to charity. I look at the clothes and remember how cute they were in them...the memories of different events....realizing how much they've grown up can be so hard for me sometimes. Going through their old clothes I found this special Gagra Choli outfit that I made for my daughter when she was around 3 years old:
It has so much sentimental value as the fabric and trim were given to me by my mother. At first I decided to keep it and give it to my first grand child but only God knows when that will be. I then decided to give the Gagra Choli suit and a number of other children's items away on my Facebook Personal page to anyone who can use them....the only thing I asked of whoever wants to claim them is that they pay the shipping costs (U.S. Only). So there you have it....I've been working on some really cool goodies for you so stay tuned! Till next time, Yarnie :)

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