Saturday, May 19, 2012

FINALLY...The Old-Meets-New Collection!!!

I started out this collection LAST YEAR in hopes of recycling some of the old clothing that I had. It all started with an old skirt that I had. I didn't wear it except for a few times and I had already been used to saving denim for patching up the knee section on my children's jeans to play in once they became worn out. However this was quite a bit of denim so I decided to make a purse out of it. My mother gave me a couple of embroidery hoops along with some OLD embroidery thread she had but never used...I decided to try out some embroidery stitches. After a while I had a nice purse for myself along with a mini-knitting accessories pouch to carry along with it. My husband mentioned to me that maybe I should make more bags since that one had turned out so nice. I started going through the kids clothes that I had thought about getting rid of and found some nice pieces that were still in pretty good condition SO I started cutting out pockets, fabric patches, zippers....basically anything I could use in my new handbags. I started on three made of linen, and the other two from denim. They started to really look nice and I thought that maybe I had found a nice niche with these bags. I suddenly became ill and needed to have major surgery so production pretty much came to a halt. While in the hospital recovering from surgery one of my nurses mentioned to me that she loved the bag that I had with me. It was the first bag that I made for myself with embroidery..etc. She wanted to know if I had any more similar to it. I informed her that as soon as I was fully recovered I would be adding some to my Etsy Store. I have fully recovered for quite some time now and actually had been thinking about finishing up these bags. It's funny when you leave a project alone for a while....when you come back to it you have a whole new set of ideas as to what to do with it which is exactly what happened here. The brown bag I had actually finished, but being uncomfortable with how it looked I took it apart and re-designed the lining insert and straps
I really love the way the embroidery turned out as gives a bohemian chic effect..
The denim tote that I completed was slightly different...sometimes the pieces of denim are cut in weird shapes due to fabric use-ability. This rectangular shaped tote began with embroidery and then me designing the rest of the bag around the embroidery.
I even added a pocket from a pair of jeans that I had..
The last bag was made out of a girls denim ruffled skirt...I cut the top off and made this cute bag..complete with crocheted appliques!
The bottom of the girls denim ruffled skirt was converted into this functional poncho!
I still have LOTS of usable fabric that needs my attention...I'm just happy that I was able to complete these! Till Next Time, Yarnie :-D

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